Divergent Teachings

Dear Sangha,

I wanted to share a post that I wrote in response to a question on the True Shin Buddhism Yahoo Group when one of our member's asked about Shinjin and divergences that have crept in.  My response follows...

Rick, thank you for your open and honest recollection of what happened to you and so many people who have been caught in the Divergent teachings that are globally threatening the Truth of the Dharma.

It is exceptionally sad that many Modernist Teachers are well regarded, and seekers are unaware that these modernist teachings are not the truth.

The only way we can guarantee we are hearing is the correct Dharma is by READING/LISTENING to the Masters words for ourselves, pondering them in our own heart and taking them to Amida for his guidance.  And if we dont feel that we are there yet; read the Masters words for yourself - and particularly the Tannisho, and Master Rennyo's letters (The Ofumi) which are very simple to understand and are repeated in different ways over and over so there is NO WAY they can be misunderstood.   Just doing this alone will show the divergences in the teachings of many of our well known (divergent) teachers.

We are also told within the texts that a scholars faith is not assured due to his knowledge... 

In 'Lamp for the Latter Ages' - 6, we read...

I recall the late Master Honen say, "Persons of the Pure Land tradition attain birth in the Pure Land by becoming their foolish selves."  Moreover, I remember him smile and say, as he watched humble people of no intellectual pretensions coming to visit him, "Without doubt their birth is settled."  And I heard him say after a visit by a man brilliant in letters and debating, "I really wonder about his birth."  To this day these things come to mine.

Each of you should attain your birth without being misled by people and without faltering in Shinjin.  However, the practicer in whom Shinjin has not become settled will continue to drift, even without being misled by anyone, for he does not abide among the truly Settled.


This is so true, as we saw from Master Shinrans own son Zenran, who although being the Masters eldest son, and thereby we would assume had the best teachings possible, still had unsettled or falsely settled shinjin and went on to disregard the true teachings; whilst lying and making up his own teachings for the power and ego that he craved...

It just shows us that knowledge can lead to ego and power and then divergences can come from this combination - certainly not always...  But it can.  When Rick for example tells us straight out that Alfred Bloom, who is a well known Teacher in the Global Sangha, told him 'Of course Amida isnt a REAL Buddha'  I mean what can you say to that.... 

The Questions that arise in my mind are...  

HOW can you ENTRUST yourself completely to a Buddha you dont believe exists!!! 
How can you be born into a Pure Land you dont believe exists!!!
How can you entrust yourself and receive Shinjin from something you believe is a myth!!! 

Its impossible, No wonder these modernist teachers dont KNOW what a person of Shinjin KNOWS - they cant KNOW because they dont trust to begin with. 

So while we are helping bring the truth to those, in the position like Rick was in 2009, to come to the truth; it is very sad when well known modernist teachers are not teaching what the Masters taught, but worse they are CHANGING THE DHARMA, telling untruths, and expounding the Dharma in their own view, and not how it is written...  EXACTLY what Yuien-bo WARNS us about in the Tannisho written centuries ago, and yet these modernist scholars who have surely read it, dismiss it and believe they know better!!!

Which of course bears the question - Do modernist teachers really believe they know better than the Buddha Shakyamuni, who explained in GREAT DETAIL, everything about Amida Buddha; about the Pure Land; about the Bodhisattva Dharmakara; and even where the Pure Land was to be found... 

And then the Masters of our tradition gave us in greater details the things we needed to know - How can the Modernist teachers believe they know better!!! 

I know without a doubt who I put my faith in - and that is Amida Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha and our Masters over and above what ANYONE tells me...  It is upto ME, to ensure I am hearing the Dharma as expounded, it is upto me to check it out and make sure it is right.

And so I agree with Rick totally, and Thank you Rick, for sharing your story so openly and honestly. 

And Thank you Paul for standing up for the truth even though you were shot down again and again for doing so; and

Thank you Eiken Kobai Sensei, for speaking the truth even in the face of these divergences; and

Thank you Josho Adrian Cirlea for standing up for the truth no matter what and being the voice in Romania; and

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU AMIDA BUDDHA - for ensuring that we HAVE these people who continue to expound the truth no matter what - And Thank you again for your wonderful gift of Shinjin as there is no more doubt about YOU or the Dharma; there is only horror at the slander of the true Dharma that is going on; and the knowledge that there is no worse karma to be had. 

And so it is with compassion that we hope that these modernist teachers will look again at what they are doing, and realise that they not only have the karma they are collecting for themselves, but all the followers they are guiding away from Amida, rather than towards him.  We HOPE that they will READ the Masters words, and Shakyamuni's words with NEW EYES so they can SEE the error of their ways, and be Humble enough to admit it to themselves and their followers - it takes a much stronger man (or woman) to admit their mistakes and stand up for the truth, than to continue in ego and pride.

And yet we are so fortunate again that we do have the internet and that our voices, that once may have been quiet and insignificant - are now loud and can reach all ends of the earth and sing the praises of Amida Buddha, and announce THAT HE IS A REAL BUDDHA, and we will not be silenced; we will continue to expound the truth, and if even one person hears it and realises what they need to do then it is worthwhile.  Our Sangha is the light of truth in this world globally, just as Eiken is a light of truth in Japan; and Josho is a light of truth in Romania, and together combined we are a force for the TRUTH of the DHARMA, and the TRUTH of AMIDA BUDDHA and the amazing difference he has made in our lives.


Gassho,  Camille